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WoW Blog !

Normaly I also posted stuff from my World of Warcraft on this Blog.
But it was a little to much.
So Vincent made ma new Blog a WoW blog 🙂
You can find it over here :

WoW Blog : Klik Hier

Whooooaaaah !

Coool… they just dit the Patch : 4.0.1
And glasly they change the logging.
I hated the logging from the “Wrath of the lich king” that stupid dragon who screems about.
But now… :O
It’s so much better, so beautiful… so great 🙂

To bad i dont have an screen dump of the old one.
But that one was with an Ice castle, that was a pretty nice background.
Then there was an Ice dragon comming from the castle, lading next to the enter boxes.
And start grownling or such, and that part i hated… Always turned MUTE :S
But now… sooo much better, the old sound again – put in a new skin though – but so nice.

Ow and they made a new Cinematic.
Here it is 😀

Cataclysm Advertisement

Today i saw the advert for the Cataclysm for the first time on TV.
Looks pretty cool I think 🙂
So I just had to post it 😀

Finaly Cataclysm !

They brought a kind of video, where you can see what there doing to the World in World of Warcraft.
So I wanted to post it, to show what there going to change.

I think it wil be a nice change.
But I dont know whether i like it or not :S
Dont know if I like it that the whole world of Azeroth and Kalimdor going to be destroyd.
Thats where i start the game, and get addicted to it :S

But a whel.. we will see.

– the movie is old, but hey better late then never 🙂 –

Captain’s Booty

– Sha’tar and Moonglade – Horde and Alliance – Idaro –

Today was Pirates day again, finaly.
Last year I got it on al my chars on Moonglade the Alliance side.
Only not on Zialda because she was there around 00:05 and then it was over so she just didn’t make it.
But now Zialda got it.

On the horde nobody had it.
Wizco, Sttella, Ansila, Urby, Wotro and Gotitt got the Captain’s booty now to.
Every char i really play got it.
Except the gnomes on another server, there just to low.

Operation Gnomeregan

– Moonglade – Alliance – Idaro –

Wizco got the Operation Gnomeregan.
Gnomeregan was stolen from the Gnomes bij the Leper Gnomes.
With Operation Gnomeregan you try to steal Gnomeregan back.
You need to fight and so on 🙂
But a whel he, I did the operation and finished it.

Hellfire Ramparts & Blood Furnace

– The Sha’tar – Horde – Idaro –

Today my Brother runned Wizco thru “The Blood Furnace” and “Hellfire Ramparts” with his tauren DK “Voorhees”
So I got the 2 achievs and I got a lot of quest done.
To bad the Pole arm didn’t drop in Hellfire Ramparts.
We did it 3-4 times.. but next time better.

Wizco the Undead 60!

– The Sha’Tar – Horde – Idaro –

My Undead DK Wizco was level 60 today 🙂
So glad, now she van finaly fly in the Outlands.
It’s kinda needed.
The walking around is horrible over there.
But now she got it 😀 yay


– Moonglade – Alliance – Idaro –

Faixleya, Xenylis and Shenga did the Gnomeregan achievment.
Kyrtal walked them throug.
Just a few more chars need it before the new Cataclysm is there.
And gnomeregan needs to be added to the achievments list before thath.

Wizco vs. Jaraxxus

– Moonglade – Alliance – Idaro –

Jaraxxus is a boss from the TOC 10.
Never did TOC 10 before and it was horrible.
First of al offcourse the Centaur thing, then the 2 worms and the Yeti.
The worms I hated to do.. really hated.
But after been wiped 1 time on the worms, the second time we downed the first guys.
Then adter that we killed Jaraxxus.